Welcome to The Cartoon Studio – here you can have created bespoke attention grabbing cartoons, eye catching cartoon characters and strips developed, pleasing gift caricatures, funny greetings card designs, life and limb saving health and safety illustrations and engaging whiteboard animations.

I’m as passionate now about providing attention grabbing cartoons today as I was when I started professionally back in 1982 – some say I’m a workaholic – I say cartoonaholic! Thinking cartoon humour 24-7!

Rest assured you’re going to work with a very experienced cartoon illustrator who relieves stress and not causes it.

Cartoon character development!

Greetings card design and gag writing!

Motivational & Inspirational cartoons!

Book covers and inside book illustrations!

Cartoon-ication – Cartoons continue to be an incredibly efficient communicators!

Cartoon-ication In the 21st Century, we have more ways than ever of communicating. We’ve come a long way from cave-paintings and morse code. We now have instant messaging connecting every minute of the day. Despite all this modern technology, one of the most effective...

Problems!? Sometimes the solution is right under your nose!

Problems!? You have to remember that sometimes the solution is right there.(Maybe even under your nose!). It’s just that you too busy to look and listen. DON’T be too busy to hear people...

You Have To Take Health And Safety Seriously!

You really have to take Health and Safety seriously – I mean it could save life or limb. And what better way than to use a cartoon to illustrate hazards!? Here’s a cartoon I drew to point out hazards in a care home. You could use this to train your staff – ask them to...

The Cartoon Studio – Brand Building

The Cartoon Studio - offers brand and product building through the use of cartoons, caricatures and cartoon strips. I also create cartoons for web sites and blogs that attract attention and keep your readers coming back for more. About My Business: One thing that I...

Whiteboard animation videos – hand drawing doodle videos – explainer videos

Make it easy for your customers with whiteboard animations!

This is why you should make it easy for the customer. Let them sit back, relax and allow whiteboard animations to make the most of a guests time on your page. This is the most engaging way to reach an audience and it doesn’t matter what your business sells or provides, you can use whiteboard animations to get your message across.