Caricatures From YOUR Photos – drawn to your specifications!

Caricatures from photos…

To commemorate a special event: birthday, anniversary, leaving, retirement, be it personal or group, why not try commissioning caricatures from photos? Images like these can be personalized to suit any type of celebration. Caricatures from photos are great business giveaways, especially if they depict top executives in a light hearted and funny pose.
Caricatures from photos also make great motivational items, especially when the subject is a recipient of an award or honor. The members of the whole sales team can also be depicted in caricatures from photos and displayed for all to see and derive inspiration from. During company events like days out and conventions, caricatures from photos are quite suitable as souvenirs.

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If you are looking to commission a cartoon or caricature you’ve come to the right place!

Commission a cartoon or Caricature…

Why keep a dog and bark yourself?  Consider getting your “bark” from The Cartoon Studio. I’ve been drawing cartoons for over three and a half decades(36 years!) – more if you include time spent in school and scribbling on desks and walls! Phew, am I ever glad I never got caught.
With all this experience behind my work, I could motivate a lion to go vegan! And don’t worry about my schedule; I’m lightning fast with writing wit, and creating illustrations that will inspire on the spot.

vasectomy clinic cartoon, boy scout holding hedge clippers, scared patient would rather have a qualified surgeon to do his vasectomy and not a boy scout.
You also don’t have to be concerned that maybe my style and taste might not mesh with yours. I can mould myself to anything you like, and present you with cartoons and illustrations that are appropriate for viewing by all ages.
Hey, when it comes to cartooning, I am the Chameleon of Cartoons!
It’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, with your ideas, and my mighty pen–together we can motivate your world to do anything you want!
So, you ready to get started? All you have to do is send me your plan, a short note will do, and I will mould it, shape it, and create just the right cartoon for you. And, don’t worry if my first effort doesn’t meet with your total approval; I’m always open to revisions. I’ll change the cartoons as many times as you want, until it’s perfect, until it’s exactly what you want.
So, question: How do you Commission Cartoons?
Our first contact is best done via an e mail. I need to get to know you a little bit, so your contact details are a good start. Then just tell me what your requirements and ideas for your piece are:
Do you need a part of a speech to be in cartoon form? In that case, send me the lines you have in mind, and a short description of what it should look like.

golfing caricature of three golfers dressed as burglars, club house in the background, they are in golf carts

Are you looking for a cartoon to mark an event, a caricature as a presentation gift, motivational image for your office wall, a greeting card or postcard? Write it down or send me a few scratches on paper, even stick figures are fine. Believe me, with my talent and experience, I can take those few random lines of yours and create a masterful cartoon image.
When do you need them?  Give me the date and I will do my best not to be late!
You can also contact me by phone, I’m in the UK….+44 1246 209034

Or email

Adding caricatures in your wedding plans!

Cartoon strip - The Love Story of Conor and Sinead

cartoon strip of wedding story

Thomas The Tank Engine - wedding day caricature

Thomas the Tank Engine - wedding day caricature featuring Thomas and another of the train engines

Wedding day caricature - a Minney tale of true love!

Wedding day caricature - Fables - nursery tale of true love

Wedding day caricature of newly married couple!

wedding day caricature of groom with his foot on a football with bride with glass of champagne stood on a hotel broadwalk

You can try to make your own wedding very special simply by integrating wedding caricatures in your own wedding day plans. These caricatures may be done as part of the invitation cards or maybe as wedding day tokens. The caricatures are a great means of making sure you actually stand out. wedding caricature of couple in wedding carriage Other than truly being funny, these are furthermore affordable. Such things guarantee laughter for they reveal the comical side of each and every individual. The thinking behind a caricature is actually to find the most significant characteristic of a person or simply whatever makes them stick out and enhances them, which makes the cartoon funny.

You can produce caricatures specifically for all the invitations to the wedding of the individuals getting married.

Apart from just being funny, it is an excellent method of creating wedding invites since it is totally different from the conventional elegant wedding invitations that have stylish scripts which folks typically elect to use on their own invites. You can even personalize the invitations by having the artist create a caricature of the particular man or woman you’re giving the invitation to. All you would need is a current photo of the particular individual and then the cartoonist is going to draw it for you. wedding caricature of ushers and best man dancing outside church It would also help to provide the particular cartoonist the particular information on the actual individual’s character, attitude, hobbies etcetera to be able to make virtually every caricature special.

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Caricatures from photos

Audi car caricature

caricature of a guy sat in a Audi car, aeroplane in sky, road sign post

Caricature - The Thoughts Of Chairman Mike!

caricature in cartoon strip format, the thoughts of Chairman Mike, guy in office, feet up on desk

Dental practice team caricature!

caricature of a dental practice team, boss in dentists chair surrounded by colleagues all doing different things

Beware of The Burglars - golf caricature!

golf caricature - three golfers in golf carts. Labelled 'Beware Burglars!' They are dressed as burglars.

10 ways caricatures can help you, your clients/customers and your company.

1. They make YOU look good for choosing such a good personalised gift.

2. Golf day caricatures make great memorable gifts.

3. Leaving or retirement caricatures something to take away and remember you all by.

4. Motivational caricatures – Salesperson of the Year!  A job well done award!? Corporate gifts.

5. Caricatures of customers/buyers can be delivered and used as a way of getting a foot in the door.

6. Caricatures are a wonderful, highly effective and proven method of promotion for companies, organizations and industries.

7. Often clients want something ‘that little bit extra’, and this is where personalised caricatures fit in. Absolutely anything can be drawn!(With reason please!)

8. Caricatures can be branded with company logos and personalised with the persons name in captions, speech bubbles or titles – photographic gifts do not have a sufficiently high profile to keep the golf day in the forefront of the customer’s mind.

9. Can be presented  with a framed and presented during the evening meal/speeches.

10. Incorporating hobbies and interests make it even more personal.

* All caricatures are produced to accommodate you or your client’s requirements and framing can be arranged on request. Caricatures make great gifts for leaving presents, birthday presents and presentations.

* From executive leaving presents to birthdays and weddings. Available from a highly affordable range of options detailed on the order form.

* Caricatures are a unique and fun way to give the perfect gift that says you really cherish your customers, friends and family.

LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! Where or how else could you be seen scoring the winning goal at Wembley or lifting the the F.A. Cup?

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