Cartoon-ication – Cartoons continue to be an incredibly efficient communicators!


In the 21st Century, we have more ways than ever of communicating. Weve come a long way from cave-paintings and morse code. We now have instant messaging connecting every minute of the day. Despite all this modern technology, one of the most effective methods we have isnt new at all, in fact its been around for centuries and works just as well today as it ever did….Cartoons!

cartoon of Boy Scout air traffic controller, planes on runway in background

(You wouldn’t trust a boy scout with a Dummies book for Air Traffic Control – so why use an amateur to draw your business cartoons? Call Richard on +44 1246 209034!)

Cartoons continue to be an incredibly efficient way of human beings speaking to one another. Within the space of just one drawing, a whole raft of messages and emotions can be portrayed quickly and effectively, often without any words at all, perfect for crossing language barriers in a single illustrative leap. Dont think cartoons are merely for childrens books or humorous newspaper editorials, cartoons appear in our daily life in a number of ever-more useful ways.

The ability to cross language barriers is one the huge benefits to cartoons. Their power to convey helps millions of people navigate transport links, stations, health, safety, information and awareness campaigns the world over. Because they dont require the reader to know or even understand the native language, the illustration offers them all the information in exactly the same way as those who do. Even for those who can understand the associated text, the cartoon serves to reinforce the message in a way few words could.

cartoon of boy scout in court room conducting the defence against a barrister who knows what he is doing

(You wouldn’t trust a boy scout with a Beginners Guide To Defence Law to represent you in court on a murder charge – so why use an amateur to draw your business cartoons? Call Richard on +44 1246 209034!)

Cartoons will have played some part in all of our childhoods. From enjoying the antics of our favourite ink-based friends to the Saturday morning animations we tuned into so enthusiastically. We will all have our fondest memories of them. They conjure up feelings of warmth, humour and fun. We dont consider them work, which works fantastically well when they are used in that environment.

Do you ever remember looking at a cartoon and thinking Id dont understand what its saying?. No, of course not. We are almost pre-programmed to understand their message which is what makes them such an effective tool to communicate our messages today. By using a drawing, or succession of them, businesses around the globe still employ this medium in their advertising when they want to convey their message to the widest possible audience. When you see an image, you know what it means, what its saying and what youre expected to do. No text, no problem. The images are the key to unlocking a myriad of thoughts in your customers minds instantly, without resorting to paragraphs of text that will turn the audience off just as quickly. Even in the boardroom, you can use a cartoon in your slideshow to break the ice, to relieve the tension by lightening the mood, highlight difficult issues or to transmit information quickly and easily. With all this delivered in a simple drawing, it makes the skill of the cartoonist paramount to the success of the message.

cartoon of Boy Scout holding a saw in one hand - giggling. He's in an operating theatre, patient doesn't look too happy on operating table

(You wouldn’t trust a boy scout with a saw to operate on you – so why use an amateur to draw your business cartoons? Call Richard on +44 1246 209034!)

The skill of a cartoonist doesnt just lay in their ability to draw well. The true mark of craftsmanship is the combination of artistic flair and the ability to communicate your message or idea effectively. Remember, the artist has very little in their arsenal in which to convey the message, so being able to do so with such consummate ease is truly a gift. Being able to broadcast without verbalisation to everyone watching shows the power that a a cartoon possesses. Everyone will enjoy the art form whilst receiving the message. Its a win-win for everyone. If the drawings progress, the audience will enjoy and anticipate the linear narrative that is unfolding, absorbing the next panel with gleeful abandon.

cartoon of Boy Scout holding a chain saw about to do a magicians act and cut a lady in half, magician looks on bemused, lady is horrified

(You wouldn’t trust a boy scout with a chainsaw to cut you in half as opposed to a magician who knows how these illusions work – so why use an amateur to draw your business cartoons? Call Richard on +44 1246 209034!)

Next time you see a cartoon, think about everything that it is giving you. What will you see? A story? humour? information? narration? help? knowledge?. Chances are it is all of those things, all at the same time. The cartoon is a striking lesson in communication that transcends almost all other mediums and it always will. Nowhere else can so much be given from so little. Its time to draw a line under other outlets and let a cartoon really speak to your audience.

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Make your maps more engaging – have them as cartoons!

Everyone loves a cartoon. Whether we see them in the newspaper or online, they never seem to fail to engage their audience in a meaningful way. They are a great way of conveying information or a story to audiences of all ages in an interesting and appealing fashion. With this in mind, why should it be any different for your business?

When we visit festivals, theme parks, hotels, or even castles, it’s not uncommon for some of them to have a fun cartoon map to show visitors around. This creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere right from when they first look at it to see where they are going. It can also mean that people do not have to be able to understand the text to be able to gain information from the map. This means that your information is accessible to a wider range of audiences than it would have been otherwise.

Kids Kingdom - cartoon map. Crazy bikes, big top tent, Sooty and Sweep entertainment

Another advantage to having cartoon maps drawn of your offices or grounds means that they are more accessible to children, who might find more formal maps either confusing or hard to understand. Cartoon maps create a more friendly and inviting atmosphere feel that engages children more effectively than a normal map might do. Adding happy and friendly looking people to certain points on the map can attract children to certain family-orientated parts of your map. More importantly in some cases, making points bright and appealing to children can help them to identify where to go if they are lost or in an emergency such as a fire.

But what about an environment that isn’t necessarily children or family orientated such as corporate offices? Every good manager knows that a workforce that has a high moral will, in turn, work harder for your company. While a cartoon map is unlikely to be the missing piece of the puzzle that will finally make your workforce work harder, it can help to create a more inviting and friendlier atmosphere in their place of work. A more inviting atmosphere is also a big advantage for welcoming visitors to the office as it will make them feel more at home!

Overall, cartoon maps are a great asset to have in any environment. Whether they are for the purposes of navigation, entertaining children, or just creating a more inviting atmosphere for your workforce, they will make a nice addition to any piece of information.

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PennFest cartoon map, map of festival site, main arena

How To Lift Correctly – Damage Your Discs And There’s No Going Back.

Health and safety animation video.

One third of all work place injuries are as a result of manual handling techniques. Reduce the hazard from manual handling by using
mechanical aids, team handling, safe lifting techniques & positioning, etc.
1. One foot forward, make a steady base.
2. Unlock the knees, let your thighs take the load
3. Move your feet…don’t twist your spine.
4. Keep it close – don’t overstretch yourself.

If you would like to license this health and safety animation and use it in your company training programme. Or have it customised with your company logo or details.
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I’m also happy to make edits to the video to suit your needs.

Use the above details if you want a bespoke whiteboard animation creating to highlight health and safety hazards. Remember, H & S cartoons can save life or limb!

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