Why YOU should consider commissioning cartoon images from THE CARTOON STUDIO…

You get to tap into 35 years of full-time cartooning experience, resulting in quickness of thought and speed of pen!

I’m very flexible and willing to adapt to different styles or your suggestions. You can mould and develop me into the cartoonist you want!

cartoon of guy bending over backwards

You get well defined rough sketches in the first instance, giving you a good idea of the finished cartoon. I only complete artwork on your approval.

cartoon of guy on phone you can change this or that

You can give me a tight brief or I can supply my own ideas to illustrate your presentation, article or feature. I’m here to solve your problems!

cartoon of guy being very helpful

Work comes first with me! You won’t find me on the golf course. In fact, some say I’m a workaholic…I love cartooning, especially motivational cartoons!!!

cartoon of guy refusing to go golfing

Remember, I’m here to help! Call Richard on 01246 209034