Using Cartoon Strips – the benefits…

Cartoon strips…

When it comes to promoting or marketing your business, it is crucial that you make the right decisions. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget to tolerate failure in their promotional campaigns, which means that many firms will opt for the safe approach. This means it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd and achieve strong success with your promotional campaign.
There is a way to choose a tried and tested marketing approach that provides you with the freedom to be expressive and innovative. If you are looking for a reliable marketing approach, which also sits neatly with the ever changing nature of internet and online marketing, the benefits of cartoon strips will provide you with everything you need.

cartoon strips for Pazang, people conversing in office setting, sales sign shows upward trend, last frame shows a superwoman type character

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Cartoon Strips – ‘MD’ cartoon character

COMIC and CARTOON STRIPS add stickiness to web sites!

Cartoon strips add ‘stickiness’ to your newspaper, magazine, web site or
newsletter. People love to read them and get used to seeing their favourite
characters. To follow are some I’ve done over the years:
‘MD’ is a strip that has run in North Derbyshire TEC’s Talking Business

Cartoon Strip for Triton Showers…

After 14 cartoon strips it was decided to introduce ‘Tara’ a installers mate…

“I’m just e-mailing regarding Triton’s installer character, Ed. Basically, Triton was really pleased with the cartoon strips and we also had some extremely positive comments from the trade press. Triton has therefore decided that it would like to do more on the cartoon front.”
Triton is keen on the idea of having a female installer character which could be used to promote the growing trend of women in plumbing. Whether this would take the form of cartoon strips or whether we would look at going down another route I’m not yet sure but we are due to present the proposals to Triton next week and I thought it would be nice to go along to this meeting with a few visual sketches of Ed’s new friend.


Do you think you could draw up a few ideas for me as you did with Ed in the first instance? These only need to be rough sketches to show what she looks like (I imagine her to be quite a tomboy and wearing overalls).