Crazy Salesman Cartoon That Opens Doors!

Crazy Salesman Cartoon That Opens Doors!

This is one of my most requested cartoons cartoons – salesmen commission me to redraw it.(Some with their caricatures!) It’s a light hearted way of getting their foot inside the door and it works!

crazy salesman cartoon, battle going on in the background. Salesman is trying to sell a rocket launcher and heavy artillery that will definitely win the war. King is too busy to see him

You can see other versions of the Crazy Salesman cartoons here…In the ‘Product Search’ box on the right hand side type in ‘crazy salesman’ and you’ll be taken to a page with four versions of it.

Blowing My Own Trumpet – Corporate cartoons for Wordzworth web site!

Ok Ok, I know I should not really be blowing my own trumpet – but what the heck. Last year I drew some cartoons for and have recently created another four to their satisfaction. In fact this was the email I received from Kelly the owner of Wordzworth…

After the creation of our homepage cartoon last year we were inundated with customers telling us how your drawing really struck a chord and encouraged them to read on. Now we’re using your images to liven up all our landing pages; they bring a strong sense of cohesion to the site as well as portraying an important message.

Overall your artistic talent and customer service have been incredible and we all look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to work with The Cartoon Studio!

Kind Regards, Kelly.

cartoon of stressed guy in his office, he's kicking the desk and screwiing up papers as opposed to a lady relaxed and has her feed up on her desk