Here’s the initial email and brief from Amanda….

Dear Richard,

I am throwing a Bachelorette Party for my best friend, and we are having a German Bierfest Bachelorette Party. There is a German beer festival right across the street, and we’ll all be sporting German beer girl outfits! Amazingly enough though, I’ve scoured the internet looking for appropriate invitations and favors and haven’t found a single one that fits the occassion! I would love to be able to get custom Beer Steins as favors, but the only German-bierfest themed stein I could find was tailored to Bachelors only.

I thought it would be just perfect if I could get a little cartoon of a bunch of girls in dirndls holding beer steins. The central girl should be tall and thin with shoulder length dark curly hair pulled into pigtails and large boobs, wearing a pink dress with brown apron (that’s the bride). Next to her should be a shorter girl with only slightly smaller boobs, dirty blonde hair in 2 braids (that’s me), wearing light blue dress with white apron. The top of my head comes up to the bottom of her neck, right above her shoulder. The other girls can be in between heights and whatever hair and dress color you want and as many as you want, but my best friend and I are known for looking funny together with the extreme height difference. I’ve attached a picture for you so you kind of know what we look like.

bachelorette bierfest cartoon of four big busted barmaids holding steins of beer

I would also like one girl, not me or the bride, to be about to take a bite of a very long, very phallic bratwurst. I don’t care if you do it or I do it, but after I get it I would use Oktoberfest type lettering to write “Bachelorette Bierfest” across the top. Or, if you want to include the lettering with the cartoon, you could have it weaving through the girls somehow. The positioning doesn’t really matter, it just needs to be there. Maybe the date of the party too, August 23, 2008, or the name of the bride, Sara Varnum. I give you free artistic license based on the aforementioned guidelines.

I would like to print the cartoon on approximately 6-10 steins, and also use it for 12 invitations. I see you also make greeting cards so that would be great if you could do the invites too, but just one sheet, not a foldover type thing. I suppose I need to commission you for the cartoon, then I would like the rights to reproduce it for the steins. Also, if it’s not too much additional cost, I would like to be able to have the cartoon printed on 20 personalized stamps to use with the invitations through, but they are very strict with copyright rules so I would need explicit permission for it.

Bier Fest cartoon

After the completed project…

Richard is a joy to work with!  He worked with my budget, my ideas, and my requests with expert artistry and impeccable efficiency!  He works so fast and does exactly what you want and even exceeded my expectations.  Any changes I wanted were done immediately and perfectly, and there was no frustrating back and forth email exchange.  It was so easy, and I know my party will be extra special because of his work!

Thanks again!!!! Amanda

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