Cartoon map created to illustrate ‘What Is Engineering?’

cartoon map for What Is Engineering. Map illustrating different job opportunities in engineering

Here’s the original brief that was emailed to me…

Dear Richard,
I hope you might be able to help us.
We’re looking to develop an illustration that captures as many elements of engineering as possible in a single street scene.
The scene would feature some of the following elements:
·       Aircraft flying overhead
·       Car driving along street stopped at traffic lights
·       User with laptop in café (also with mobile phone/ PDA)
·       Cash point
·       Games shop & arcade – perhaps on a pier (see below)
·       Rail station & train departing
·       Seaside (marine engineering)
·       Offshore oilrig
·       Recycling bank/ refuse collection
·       Drainage/ road surfacing
·       Supermarket
·       Nuclear power station
·       Background construction of a skyscraper
·       TV/ Radio station with transmitter
·       Wind turbine/ solar panel other obviously green electricity-producing mechanism
·       Drinks factory (pop – owing to likely audience age group)
·       Theme park in the distance?
·       Weather balloon floating high

At the moment this list is not exhaustive, and equally not all of the components listed here need be included – but if you can get an idea of the general picture we’re looking for from this that’s great.
The illustration would be for print and would be featured in a booklet for pre-GCSE pupils. Each of the components listed above would have some accompanying text – but no more than a line or two explaining how engineers have made its development possible. There would therefore need to be sufficient space for the text to accompany the illustrations.

As a theme, I have in mind the cartoon maps that theme parks have to guide visitors round. The idea is that in addition to it being relatively straightforward and easy to grasp the information contained in the text, the students would be drawn into the scene and would have lots of distracting elements to look at (e.g. a few random activities in context of the above but with no explanatory text – someone falling into the duck pond or whatever!)
Many thanks,


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