…in the first instance please email me with your requirements/ideas ie:
*You might want to have a book illustrated – I’d need a copy of the parts you’d need
illustrating or a brief of the cartoon or cartoons you have in mind
*A motivational greetings card/postcard created – jot down your idea or do a scribble
– stick men will do fine!
Give me an idea of when you need the cartoons for and I’ll do my best to reach your
Tell me what you would like, where and how you want to use the cartoons you I will
then email you back with a quote for the work. I’m easy to work with and I have the
experience to help relieve the stress at your end! Looking forward to working with you!
I will then do some pencil sketches for your approval. On approval I will complete the
artwork in either black/white or full colour. All artwork is supplied as 300dpi printable
images in GIF format (for black and white images) or JPEG format (for greyscale or colour images).

Other formats can be supplied on request. Please contact to discuss.

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