This post will explore the creative and fun ways cartoons can be used for your business’ marketing campaigns.

One reason to use cartoons in marketing is that they are very easy to read and grab people’s attention using simple graphics and contrasting colours while usually containing very little text that needs to be read to understand the meaning. This will lead to people understanding the message you wish to impart very quickly with a minimum of effort.

having a bad day, prisoner in jail has dug an escape tunnel but is unknowingly inches away from breaking into a sewer from the bank of prison toilets

Due to people associating cartoons with fun everyone will read them hoping that it will make them laugh. Most people will spend around 10 seconds pondering the cartoon and its meaning and joke. Simply inserting your company’s message within a joke like this will leave them pondering both the joke and the message and may lead the reader to read further down in the email or blog to find out more.

Cartoons also create fans when they are given in regular installments. For example: if you always include a cartoon with a funny joke in an email campaign, people will learn that they get a funny joke whenever they open your email and in the future will happily open it and read it. You can also create a regular character, which lets people become attached to them and wish to read each of the cartoons in the marketing emails. This can take time but can even become an important brand icon.

Cartoons are also very versatile and can be used in many different areas of marketing, in the same way the company logo can. For example: if a cartoon joke used in a blog post becomes popular you could use it on a postcard, which may lead a fan of this cartoon or character to keep the postcard and hang it on their fridge or decorate their workplace with it extending the time the advert will be seen.

Cartoons can explain very difficult and complex ideas in a far simpler and easy to understand way. If you need to teach your customers about a new piece of technology for instance a cartoon could make this process far easier.

Cartoons also lighten the mood. There are some businesses that despite being extremely important can be rather boring to talk about, such as: insurance or banking. One way to lighten the mood or grab people’s attention is to use a cartoon joke.

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