Here’s a cartoon whiteboard animation video I’ve just completed for a long term client Maria Odeyemi of

A little bit about what Maria does at  Coaching2Transform:

“We have been supporting leaders and business owners step into the characters necessary to  Start,Stay, and Grow their business for many years. Leaders gain more clarity, understanding, as well as focus. During that time we’ve become very successful in helping our clients to generate the leads ..and dramatically increase their revenue and profits”.


A little bit about what Maria kindly said about me!

Richard of the Cartoon Doodle Videos has always provided inspiring, motivational cartoons and illustrations for my growing Coaching and Mentoring Practice. Since 2004 Richard has always been professional, patient, and accommodating.
Once again thank you for my very first ever You Tube Whiteboard AnimationVideo ‘Stop Struggling with Your Business’ whiteboard animation. I hope that it  truly speaks and captures the heart of all small business owners who want to work ‘on’ their business as well as working ‘in’ their business.

Nice one Maria, thanks!

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