This is an interactive cartoon – hover over what you think is a warehouse hazard. If you’re right a box will pop-up with information in it.
Engage your workforce with interactive videos and images. Make interactive hotspots in your training that show text, images, video, link to other sites, live streaming, almost anything!

I can create similar interactive cartoons on any health and safety subject or setting. The possibilities are endless.

Did you spot the hazards in the warehouse? Educate your warehouse staff with this cartoon – health and safety cartoons can save accidents. In this cartoon you should have picked out the following hazards: guy climbing up racking, split chemicals on the floor, guy has a ladder on top of some pallets trying to reach something from a ladder, broken window pane, fire exit blocked with pallets, rubbish and wheelie bins, guy on the forks of a fork lift truck, guy over-reaching from off the top of a stack of pallets, guy smoking, guy about to tread in oil spilt- slip hazard, unguarded machine, leaping over safety barrier, fork truck driver has load lifted very high over colleagues heads, twisting hazard, cutting hazard and finally lady in high heel shoes.

You can purchase the NON-INTERACTIVE version of this cartoon at my sister website:

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