Greetings Card Designer – humorous gag writer!

If you’re looking for a greeting card designer,

humorous gag writer, creative genius,

experienced and reliable card illustrator

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I can illustrate your ideas or I can supply you with ideas to choose from.There’s always something about greeting cards that never fails to bring a smile to the face of the recipient, especially the funny and lighthearted cards. In my long years as a greeting card artist, I can honestly say that I have made a substantial number of cards on virtually all themes and occasions.

cartoon cat with booming heart. Heart is animated to go boom boom!

One thing I can be proud to say is that most of the work I’ve done as a greeting card artist contain humorous images done in different artwork styles. Being a greetings card artist, I place outmost importance not only in creativity but also in the uniqueness of each each greetings card design that I draw. Humour is also a major characteristic, either explicitly implied in the image itself with no accompanying captions or the use of page 3 punch lines. As a greetings card artist, I employ different degrees of humor that depends on what the theme calls for. Some cards I created contain subtle, even cute messages that will not fail to bring that warm glow to its recipient. Some cards contain what I would call ‘far side’ type of humor that appeals only to a specific group of reader or recipient. I also design pop-up cards and cards that contain simple mechanical features. Needless to say, I place importance as a greetings card artist to express whatever sentiments the client wishes, in however ways he or she demands it. I also specialize in seasonal greetings for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and everything in between.

pig cartoon characters sat having a pizza. pig waiter with massive 48 inch pizza

I also have extensive experience in designing and formulating motivational and inspirational cards. As a greeting card artist, I make sure that the cards I created appeal to the widest range of market possible. Most of these cards have illustrations that reinforce whatever positive messages one wishes to convey. I also accept orders for custom-made cards meant only for a particular niche or kind of readers, including ‘nice to naughty’ images and captions. I take pride in being a greeting card artist that caters to all types of clients, from business organizations needing greeting cards that go well with their souvenirs and giveaways to big time greeting card manufacturers and distributors.

cartoon of guy with a magnet as a body is walking past a babe who is magnetised because he is a babe magnet

Being a greeting card artist does not mean that I limit myself to just creation of greeting cards. I can also furnish writing copy for other artists to illustrate, depending on the theme required by the client. And because I am a flexible greeting card artist, I am also capable of designing gift wrap and tags, address books, diaries, badges and badge cards, notepaper and notecards, bookmarks, calendars, and just about any visual materials that will add spice and a bit of humor to your daily existence.

I validate my expertise as a greeting card artist by mentioning some of the card publishers that I have had the pleasure to work with. The list includes Hallmark UK and Hallmark USA, Ling Design, Wishing Well Studios, Camden Graphics, Jooles, Arnold Barton, Brittania Products, Carlton Cards, Quitting Hollywood, Emotional Rescue, Second Nature, Paperlink, Unique Images, Strawberry Sunset, Blue Salamanda Paper House, Marks & Spencer, Simon Elvin, Card Connection, Rainbow Cards, Jarrolds Publishing, and Scandecor. I had also contributed ideas for Andrew Brownsword.(Like I’ve said, I’ve been working as a card designer for many many years!)