The Seagull Manager – corporate cartoon…

I was down the pub on a night out with some mates when someone mentioned ‘The Seagull Manager’ – I thought it was funny enough to draw up a cartoon. So as I don’t know where the idea came from originally I’ll be crediting this and all future cartoon ideas ‘*From down the pub!’…

The Seagull Manager - cartoon of a businessman flying with wings flapping away

Using Cartoon Strips – the benefits…

Cartoon strips…

When it comes to promoting or marketing your business, it is crucial that you make the right decisions. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget to tolerate failure in their promotional campaigns, which means that many firms will opt for the safe approach. This means it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd and achieve strong success with your promotional campaign.
There is a way to choose a tried and tested marketing approach that provides you with the freedom to be expressive and innovative. If you are looking for a reliable marketing approach, which also sits neatly with the ever changing nature of internet and online marketing, the benefits of cartoon strips will provide you with everything you need.

cartoon strips for Pazang, people conversing in office setting, sales sign shows upward trend, last frame shows a superwoman type character

For all your cartoon strip needs call Richard on 07951 929 836 or email

“Cartoonist”, creating whiteboard animations that grab and keep attention!

“Cartoonist”, drawing and creating Whiteboard Animations that grab and keep attention!

(Also motivational cartoons, inspiring cartoon strips, caricatures from photos, cartoon maps and humorous illustrations!)

Hire cartoonist Richard to create cartoon whiteboard animations by calling on +44 1246 209034 or email

The benefits of Cartoon Whiteboard Animations scribing looks like this:

Convey complex messages and explain them in a funny way,

Increase understanding of complex messages – a pictures tells a thousand words!

Engage viewers  – they will be enthralled

Increase brand recognition

Encourage sharing – It goes viral

Increase sales

Great ROI(return on investment)

I can create any length cartoon doodle videos that explains you service, product or brand. Whether it is a 10-second video or 10 minutes, we can provide you with excellent illustrations to keep your audiences captivated and engaged. Remember, a cartoon video scribe can also be used to explain a product or system.

Hire cartoonist Richard to create bespoke Whiteboard Animations by calling on +44 7951 929 836 or email

If you are looking to commission a cartoon or caricature you’ve come to the right place!

Commission a cartoon or Caricature…

Why keep a dog and bark yourself?  Consider getting your “bark” from The Cartoon Studio. I’ve been drawing cartoons for over three and a half decades(36 years!) – more if you include time spent in school and scribbling on desks and walls! Phew, am I ever glad I never got caught.
With all this experience behind my work, I could motivate a lion to go vegan! And don’t worry about my schedule; I’m lightning fast with writing wit, and creating illustrations that will inspire on the spot.

vasectomy clinic cartoon, boy scout holding hedge clippers, scared patient would rather have a qualified surgeon to do his vasectomy and not a boy scout.
You also don’t have to be concerned that maybe my style and taste might not mesh with yours. I can mould myself to anything you like, and present you with cartoons and illustrations that are appropriate for viewing by all ages.
Hey, when it comes to cartooning, I am the Chameleon of Cartoons!
It’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, with your ideas, and my mighty pen–together we can motivate your world to do anything you want!
So, you ready to get started? All you have to do is send me your plan, a short note will do, and I will mould it, shape it, and create just the right cartoon for you. And, don’t worry if my first effort doesn’t meet with your total approval; I’m always open to revisions. I’ll change the cartoons as many times as you want, until it’s perfect, until it’s exactly what you want.
So, question: How do you Commission Cartoons?
Our first contact is best done via an e mail. I need to get to know you a little bit, so your contact details are a good start. Then just tell me what your requirements and ideas for your piece are:
Do you need a part of a speech to be in cartoon form? In that case, send me the lines you have in mind, and a short description of what it should look like.

golfing caricature of three golfers dressed as burglars, club house in the background, they are in golf carts

Are you looking for a cartoon to mark an event, a caricature as a presentation gift, motivational image for your office wall, a greeting card or postcard? Write it down or send me a few scratches on paper, even stick figures are fine. Believe me, with my talent and experience, I can take those few random lines of yours and create a masterful cartoon image.
When do you need them?  Give me the date and I will do my best not to be late!
You can also contact me by phone, I’m in the UK….+44 1246 209034

Or email