Cartoons work – cartoons are worth checking out in a promotional business sense!

At the very least, cartoons are worth checking out in a promotional business sense because they have been proven to work time and time again. There is obviously a difference between good cartoons and bad cartoons but there is a proven business track record in using cartoons to promote a company/product. Being innovative and highly individual is bold and brave, but sometimes there is more to gain than by providing a fresh slant or take on a recognised format.

If you are serious about engaging with an audience and properly promoting your brand, cartoons are an excellent way to promote your firm.

advertising cartoons for Andrews World Cup promotional campaign, six different cartoons

Advertising cartoons for Hedex World Cup promotion

A set of advertising cartoons commissioned by Hedex with a World Cup theme, that appeared in Women’s sections of national newspapers and selected womens magazine. Approximately twelve ideas/rough sketches were supplied for them to choose from.

Hedex advertising cartoons for a World Cup promotion

Advertising cartoons are a very powerful tool, their use is a great way to lighten up some of the serious challenges we face in the current business environment. Cartoon graphics drawn professionally attract the eye, and the humour they use helps readers to retain their content.

Use funny business cartoons because they break up text heavy reports, newsletters and presentations. They keep people upbeat and interested. People remember funny cartoons!

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