Hi! My name is Richard Duszczak and let me tell you something about what I do. People call me a cartoonist and that is definitely what I am. But I am more than a mere illustrator or an artist, I am the person who will deliver the imagery, or cartoons, you need that will help you achieve your business goals.

You might ask, ‘What are the advantages which can be gained through the use of cartoons?’ Well, for one, cartoons are fun. It appeals to people of all ages, perhaps because cartoons are easily associated with our childhood. With its seeming infinite possibilities of concepts, shapes, and colors, cartoons appeal not only to our visual senses but also to our imaginations. I can create just about anything you can set your mind on and be able to realize whatever concepts and ideas you want to convey to your target clients and audiences. As well as ensuring high quality work, I can guarantee that the fun is never taken out of the process.

There’s no denying that endorsements from celebrities can certainly make people stand up and notice your company and your product. But celebrities, especially the really infamous ones, cost a lot in terms of money and effort. When you’re looking for quick, effective results with the least amount of financial expenses, the use of cartoons is the best option. And owning the cartoons or strips of it outright are just an added bonus to the convenience you will enjoy.

In my 35 years in this profession, I’ve have had the pleasure of working with many many large corporations like Hewlett Packard, Velcro, Hallmark Cards, Churchill Insurance, Triton, and The Disney Channel. Yet, I also derive certain satisfaction and delight in delivering cartoons to small businesses and organizations, even to individuals. And because creativity knows no bounds, I also take pride in saying that no project is too big or too small for me to handle. My considerable experience has also led me to interact with all sorts of people from different industries. Needless to say, no project in making cartoons is too far out or too weird for me.

A quick look around this site will reveal some of the cartoons I have done, and many of the drafts for these were made and delivered within 24 hours of placing an order. Some of the works I’ve done include designing eye-catching business logos, souvenir t-shirts, and promotional items. I also had several experiences creating illustrations and covers for different kinds of books and printed materials meant for all sorts of readers. I can design greeting cards to suit whatever message you wish to convey – be it quirky, cute, distinctive, or downright funny. I can also formulate cartoons for training materials, creating characters that will deliver ideas and messages effectively and in lasting duration. And because customer satisfaction is on top of my list, I make sure that all projects I started conclude with both parties (that’s you and me) walking away happy. So do contact me and make me a partner for the development and recognition of your business or organization through the creation of cartoons.

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