“Hire A Cartoonist” – To draw safety and health cartoons that could save lives!

Safety and health cartoons could save lives!

For an proprietor to demonstrate commitment in their business, they must express that these people suggest for safety and health in the workplace. They can do that by putting up cartoon basic safety as well as awareness posters in various areas for the work place.

This is in order to make folks aware of probable risks as well as threat all-around them. Among the locations that a person can issue health and safety cartoon posters is actually during a conference. It’s best performed while orienting newbies, during coaching, dilemma solving conferences as well as over a typical safety meeting.

care home hazards health and safety cartoon

Basic safety cartoons are generally a straightforward and efficient way of getting the message to the particular concerned individuals without needing much text. People do not usually study text given out directly to them however a cartoon will be able to sum up the majority of the text yet still obtain the basic safety tip throughout.

These types of prints could prevent accidents and inform an individual of any potential risk in advance even as they are going for a walk past it. Health and safety cartoons can be done in various publishing materials just like pamphlets, handbooks, magazines, newsletters, notice boards, advertisements and also statistical reviews.

They must be desirable and also significant, this way folks can take some time to learn the summarized text.

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Crazy Salesman Cartoon That Opens Doors!

Crazy Salesman Cartoon That Opens Doors!

This is one of my most requested cartoons cartoons – salesmen commission me to redraw it.(Some with their caricatures!) It’s a light hearted way of getting their foot inside the door and it works!

crazy salesman cartoon, battle going on in the background. Salesman is trying to sell a rocket launcher and heavy artillery that will definitely win the war. King is too busy to see him

You can see other versions of the Crazy Salesman cartoons here…In the ‘Product Search’ box on the right hand side type in ‘crazy salesman’ and you’ll be taken to a page with four versions of it.

How to lift and how not to lift – cartoon whiteboard animation.

Incorrect lifting and correct lifting cartoon whiteboard animation.

Cartoon doodle scribe showing how to lift correctly and also illustrating how not to lift. Safety cartoon. Health and safety cartoon doodle video. animated doodle video to explain the correct way to lift a heavy item.

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cartoon doodle video. cartoon of guy who is bent over double with back pain as he has incorrectly lifted a heavy object.


Here’s some of my favourite health and safety slogans…

  • Keep safety in mind. It will save your behind.
  • Don’t be a fool, cause safety is cool, so make that your rule.
  • One safe act can lead to another.
  • Keep your eyes on safety.
  • Dare to be aware.
  • Hard hats, they’re not just for decoration.
  • Health and safety, words to live by.


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