You Have To Take Health And Safety Seriously!

You really have to take Health and Safety seriously – I mean it could save life or limb. And what better way than to use a cartoon to illustrate hazards!? Here’s a cartoon I drew to point out hazards in a care home. You could use this to train your staff – ask them to point out the safety hazards in this cartoon. cartoon of care home showing safety hazards, worker in high heels, patients smoking in non smoking area, trip hazard, medicine cupboard left open, stair carpet has rips in it, incorrect lifting and carrying too much


You can purchase a licence for this cartoon from:


The Cartoon Studio – Brand Building

The Cartoon Studio

– offers brand and product building through the use of cartoons, caricatures and cartoon strips. I also create cartoons for web sites and blogs that attract attention and keep your readers coming back for more.

About My Business:

One thing that I really emphasised in this profession of mine is that I provide a stress-free cartoon service. It is so easy to hire just any freelance cartoonist that you can find in the internet. And why not, with so many of us vending our services to those who need to infuse some form of creativity into their business or organisation? And when I say I offer stress-free cartoon service, I really mean smooth sailing all the way. I am aware of the pressure businesses are subjected into in order to come up with something unique and eye-catching to promote their product or service. The Cartoon Studio aims to provide high quality cartoon service that will capture and personify just what each client needs. There are no halfway measures, no half-hearted attempts. Every project I accept gets my hundred percent attention and skill.

The extensive background and experience I gained from providing cartoon service for the last 35 years is an assurance in itself that you will get your money’s worth. I take pride in saying that I get to be where I am now by ensuring customer satisfaction—always. No project is too weird or too difficulty for The Cartoon Studio. When I receive the brief on a project, I make sure I am well prepared to take it on. Though I have worked on practically all the possible projects there are, I still look forward to providing the best cartoon service I can, be it for a large corporation or an individual client. I also take pride in meeting all project deadlines, earlier if I could. This fast turnaround time is one cornerstone of the cartoon service I offer and has enabled me to forge long lasting relationships with treasured clients. With any business, time is always gold. This is why I endeavour not only for high quality but also for fast cartoon service. At the Cartoon Studio, client input is always welcome. 

Whenever reasonable demands for revisions are made, I am more than happy to accommodate. Understand, though, that whatever additional concept or detailing the client wishes to incorporate would also carry the appropriate fee. This procedure leads to a transparent as well as efficient conclusion and delivery of any cartoon service rendered. In whatever projects I do, fun is always at the forefront of the process. Clients know that the kind of cartoon service I offer is brimming with positive messages and is quite pleasing to anybody’s sensitivities. Business and organisations who avail of The Cartoon Studio’s service will be ensured to procure and own images that are light hearted and appeal to a wide variety of audience. And because the creativity I employ into every cartoon I provide knows no limits or boundaries, I can honestly say that I always look forward to each day of work with vim and vigour. Procuring cartoon service from The Cartoon Studio ensures each client that each image is made with dedication and passion. And that is my edge over all the other cartoon service providers there are. Whereas all these may be just work for them, it is a way of life for me.

Greetings Card Designer – humorous gag writer!

If you’re looking for a greeting card designer,

humorous gag writer, creative genius,

experienced and reliable card illustrator

– YOU came to the right place!
                                          cartoon character pointing at audience

I can illustrate your ideas or I can supply you with ideas to choose from.There’s always something about greeting cards that never fails to bring a smile to the face of the recipient, especially the funny and lighthearted cards. In my long years as a greeting card artist, I can honestly say that I have made a substantial number of cards on virtually all themes and occasions.

cartoon cat with booming heart. Heart is animated to go boom boom!

One thing I can be proud to say is that most of the work I’ve done as a greeting card artist contain humorous images done in different artwork styles. Being a greetings card artist, I place outmost importance not only in creativity but also in the uniqueness of each each greetings card design that I draw. Humour is also a major characteristic, either explicitly implied in the image itself with no accompanying captions or the use of page 3 punch lines. As a greetings card artist, I employ different degrees of humor that depends on what the theme calls for. Some cards I created contain subtle, even cute messages that will not fail to bring that warm glow to its recipient. Some cards contain what I would call ‘far side’ type of humor that appeals only to a specific group of reader or recipient. I also design pop-up cards and cards that contain simple mechanical features. Needless to say, I place importance as a greetings card artist to express whatever sentiments the client wishes, in however ways he or she demands it. I also specialize in seasonal greetings for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and everything in between.

pig cartoon characters sat having a pizza. pig waiter with massive 48 inch pizza

I also have extensive experience in designing and formulating motivational and inspirational cards. As a greeting card artist, I make sure that the cards I created appeal to the widest range of market possible. Most of these cards have illustrations that reinforce whatever positive messages one wishes to convey. I also accept orders for custom-made cards meant only for a particular niche or kind of readers, including ‘nice to naughty’ images and captions. I take pride in being a greeting card artist that caters to all types of clients, from business organizations needing greeting cards that go well with their souvenirs and giveaways to big time greeting card manufacturers and distributors.

cartoon of guy with a magnet as a body is walking past a babe who is magnetised because he is a babe magnet

Being a greeting card artist does not mean that I limit myself to just creation of greeting cards. I can also furnish writing copy for other artists to illustrate, depending on the theme required by the client. And because I am a flexible greeting card artist, I am also capable of designing gift wrap and tags, address books, diaries, badges and badge cards, notepaper and notecards, bookmarks, calendars, and just about any visual materials that will add spice and a bit of humor to your daily existence.

I validate my expertise as a greeting card artist by mentioning some of the card publishers that I have had the pleasure to work with. The list includes Hallmark UK and Hallmark USA, Ling Design, Wishing Well Studios, Camden Graphics, Jooles, Arnold Barton, Brittania Products, Carlton Cards, Quitting Hollywood, Emotional Rescue, Second Nature, Paperlink, Unique Images, Strawberry Sunset, Blue Salamanda Paper House, Marks & Spencer, Simon Elvin, Card Connection, Rainbow Cards, Jarrolds Publishing, and Scandecor. I had also contributed ideas for Andrew Brownsword.(Like I’ve said, I’ve been working as a card designer for many many years!)

Cartoon Map – What Is Engineering?

Cartoon map created to illustrate ‘What Is Engineering?’

cartoon map for What Is Engineering. Map illustrating different job opportunities in engineering

Here’s the original brief that was emailed to me…

Dear Richard,
I hope you might be able to help us.
We’re looking to develop an illustration that captures as many elements of engineering as possible in a single street scene.
The scene would feature some of the following elements:
·       Aircraft flying overhead
·       Car driving along street stopped at traffic lights
·       User with laptop in café (also with mobile phone/ PDA)
·       Cash point
·       Games shop & arcade – perhaps on a pier (see below)
·       Rail station & train departing
·       Seaside (marine engineering)
·       Offshore oilrig
·       Recycling bank/ refuse collection
·       Drainage/ road surfacing
·       Supermarket
·       Nuclear power station
·       Background construction of a skyscraper
·       TV/ Radio station with transmitter
·       Wind turbine/ solar panel other obviously green electricity-producing mechanism
·       Drinks factory (pop – owing to likely audience age group)
·       Theme park in the distance?
·       Weather balloon floating high

At the moment this list is not exhaustive, and equally not all of the components listed here need be included – but if you can get an idea of the general picture we’re looking for from this that’s great.
The illustration would be for print and would be featured in a booklet for pre-GCSE pupils. Each of the components listed above would have some accompanying text – but no more than a line or two explaining how engineers have made its development possible. There would therefore need to be sufficient space for the text to accompany the illustrations.

As a theme, I have in mind the cartoon maps that theme parks have to guide visitors round. The idea is that in addition to it being relatively straightforward and easy to grasp the information contained in the text, the students would be drawn into the scene and would have lots of distracting elements to look at (e.g. a few random activities in context of the above but with no explanatory text – someone falling into the duck pond or whatever!)
Many thanks,